Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Halloween Halloween

Celebrations and holidays are special to small schools because we are very purposeful about our sense of community.  Though the original meaning and purpose of Halloween is, for most of us, distant; the tradition of dressing up and celebrating offers us another set of meanings - to play, to imagine, to be someone or something else, to change what life looks like and feels like for a while, and to do something interesting and make a great spectacle as a community. 

These practices are deeply ingrained in our humanity and music plays an integral part in such traditions.  Music connects us in so many ways and that is its great power.  Its rhythm puts our movements in sync.  Its texture connects our moods and feelings.  Our repertoire is a set of familiar experiences we share, that make us who we are as a group.   This week we shared an experience as a school.  We all sang Halloween songs and talked about what spooky music is (and how to make it).  We marched in a parade.  We banged on big drums and made howling noises. We ate sweet foods and wore crazy costumes.  We were not as separate as usual.  We were less a group of classes and more one community. I love this feeling at SK because for me, it is what makes us a great school.  Even though we will go back to our regular activities next week, we are still more community and less separate than most places.  We will have many more experiences connecting us together by movement, feeling and familiar experience, which solidify our identity as a community and make our experience at SK so much more meaningful and formative.  Music always does this.  In just two weeks is the Music and Art Cafe and I'm looking forward to yet another great community experience. Mark your calendars, November 13th, and have a happy Halloween!

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