Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another wonderful Cafe

This was a magical week at SK for music as our Music and Art Cafe tradition was passed down to a new set of aspiring musicians.  It was amazing to watch the 8th graders take on a leadership role this year. They knew just what to do, since so many of them were involved with it last year, but they did it so differently than our 8th graders last year did. That is what I love about this tradition. It so reflects the personalities and talents of the kids.  They are not just sharing music, they are exploring their identities.  We had so many different wonderful things happen that it is impossible for kids to be part of it and not expand their concept of what it means to be a musician.  We had empowering rock music, beautiful classical music, heart wrenching vocal ballads, Michael Jackson music and no less than five brilliant original compositions composed and arranged by  students. It is not until the performance is over that the new fifth graders, participating for the first time, really realize what I meant when I told them, in the initial meeting about the cafe, that they can do anything.  Congratulations Middle Schoolers.

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