Sunday, April 24, 2016

Musical Mania

We are right in the middle of Musical-Mania and it is a big fat fiery ball of fun.  Both 1/2 classes and both 3/4 classes have written incredible musicals and are ready to start planning their performances.  This process has been such a blast.  The kids have composed compositions, choreographed choreography, plotted plots and rehearsed, um rehearsals.  These shows have unfolded in the most creative (and messiest) way possible.  Kids have stopped me on the way to the car yelling "Josh, I know what we have to do during the dance about the aliens" and burst into the music room during my lunch yelling "Josh, I know what costumes we can wear during the last song".  While I realize that I am doing a terrible job setting boundaries, I am very excited about these shows.  They are wild and crazy and full of surprises.  They don't follow any rules and the music is excellent.  They are completely owned by the kids and I think they are almost as excited as me.  We'll post info about dates soon.